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Nusa & The Sandcastle Celebration


Nusa remembered it does not matter what others think.

She knew she should never take anything personally.

When others have judgements, it is their own limiting beliefs.

It was with this wisdom and a deep breath, she felt free.


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Sarta & the Golden Shoe


Sarta was reminded to center herself with her mantra.

She would feel each of her feelings deeply and let them go.

Sarta remembered that she had control over her feelings.

She then attached new feelings to her emotions and stopped feeling low.


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Refi & the Star Park Scavenger Hunt


Every weekend Refi volunteers at the Big Sisters & Brothers Center.

A safe place where she can teach others how unique and special they are.

A time to learn about self-love, self-esteem and creativity.

A chance to be yourself and not feel like you’re bottled up in a jar.


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Yoga in Star Park with Thera


Thera headed to the kitchen to have breakfast.

She knew it was important to eat and drink well.

She finished her meal and cleaned up her dishes.

She picked up her yoga mat and heard the town bell.


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Ria Speaks Her Truth


Some days Ria finds it challenging to hear her own truth,

living in a noisy place with so many other thoughts, beliefs and ideas floating around.

When she feels lost or overwhelmed she meditates.

Meditation allows Ria to hear her own voice and connect to her own sound.


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Tawre & Her Kaleidoscope Mind


Tawre wakes up to birds chirping out her window.

She stretches her body as the sunlight fills her room.

It is Saturday, a day to explore and play outside.

A chance to be in nature and enjoy the summer bloom.


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Moano’s Journey to His True Self


Moano understands that this voice is not his truth.

However, this doesn’t stop it from grabbing his attention.

Until he becomes aware of this, he feels separate.

Disconnected from his true self, and lost in the illusion.


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Dr. Colleen Vaillancourt’s books

Dr. Colleen Vaillancourt’s books